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U-shaped kitchens are definitely among the most popular and practical kitchen designs for enthusiastic home entertainers. The design is basically a wide galley kitchen with a closed end. Generally, the closed end will be an existing wall in your home. If this wall happens to contain windows it will conveniently brighten the kitchen by allowing the introduction of natural light with fresh air an added bonus. Depending on the layout of your home, a U-shaped kitchen can be designed to achieve a modern, “open-plan” feel.

This design feature is very popular with home-owners wishing to create an un-interrupted flow from their kitchen into the dining room or other adjacent living areas. U-shaped may not be the best kitchen design for your home. However, if you have a suitable area the reasons for its popularity are numerous.

Please note that images on this page are not indicative of u-shaped kitchens.

Reasons to Choose a U-Shaped Kitchen

  • Often an excellent choice for small to medium areas, with larger areas able to include an island bench.
  • Great for creating a perfect “work triangle” (i.e. the work area between the fridge, cooktop and the sink).
  • The best layout for maximising bench-space and storage.
  • Can be divided into multiple, independent work areas.
  • Can’t be used as a thoroughfare (i.e. no through-traffic to disrupt cooking activities).
  • Can often include a breakfast bar and some bar stools for casual dining.
  • A wide U-shape can accommodate an island bench for extra workspace and storage.
  • A good mix of cupboards, drawers (of different shapes and sizes) and shelves can be achieved.

Reasons Not to Choose a U-Shaped Kitchen

  • If the area is too small the kitchen may feel cramped and movement within the kitchen could be compromised.
  • Access to low, corner cabinets can be an issue. Achieving “free-travel” of doors and drawers in low corners is a challenge that should be entrusted only to a skilled kitchen designer / tradesman.

Important Considerations for Your U-Shaped Kitchen

Large U-shaped kitchens may benefit from an island bench to minimise the distance from one side of the kitchen to the other. In this circumstance it is a great idea to centralise your sink or cooktop (eg. in the island bench if possible).

If you choose to include an island bench, try to achieve a clearance of at least 900mm all around the island so people can move freely in the area and to allow doors and drawers to open fully.

Corner cabinets offer the opportunity to maximise storage space. We can show you some fabulous pull-out wire-ware accessories that have revolutionised these previously under-utilised areas.

Our Top Tips – Things to Avoid in a U-Shaped Kitchen

  • Don’t obstruct the “kitchen triangle”
  • Don’t waste opportunities to create extra storage space.
  • Don’t waste valuable bench space. Electrical appliances and the microwave oven can be stored away in areas specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Don’t be tempted to neglect splashbacks. You may initially save a few dollars by designing your kitchen without a splashback, however unsightly cooking spatters will quickly make your kitchen look grubby. Besides, greasy spatters are much easier to remove from a glass splashback than your kitchen wall!
  • Don’t include an island bench if the space within your U-shaped kitchen is too small to allow ease of movement.
  • Don’t go “over the top” with brightly-coloured cabinetry. Modern kitchen designs feature “classic”, neutral tones that don’t date quickly. If you’re fond of bold colours we suggest you consider adding personality to your kitchen with coloured splashbacks, accessories and painted walls.

Deal with a Professional Designer

Imperial Kitchens has designed, built and installed more than 20,000 kitchens. Many of these kitchens are U-shaped kitchens, and while other designs are available, the U-shape is definitely a firm favourite among our clients.

Our friendly kitchen designers will help you avoid the pitfalls of a poor design, saving you time and money. Our designers are expert tradesmen, not salesmen……they really know what they’re talking about.

We’ll show you the latest ideas, including space-saving tips that you probably haven’t considered. We’ll design an efficient kitchen that is affordable, which will suit your personal taste and style. Our consultations are FREE and without obligation. Please contact us to arrange a visit to our modern showroom, showcasing a variety of modern kitchens, accessories and appliances to enable you to visualise a modern new kitchen in your home.

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