Your bathroom should be a relaxing and welcoming space to enjoy a leisurely bath or steam away a day’s hard work. Imperial Kitchens is known for designing, manufacturing and installing exceptional vanity spaces that soothe the senses while being totally functional and easy to maintain. Coordinating with the existing finishes in your home, our versatile vanities provide a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relax and Unwind

A well-appointed bathroom can be a haven in which you can relax and put the stresses of the day behind you. While Imperial Kitchens don’t undertake full bathroom renovations we do design, build and install custom made vanities that are an essential element of your bathroom. Often the vanity unit is the focal point of the bathroom as it is where you have flexibility in design, colour and materials.

Custom-made or “Off the Shelf”?

If you’re designing a bathroom to reflect your personal taste and sense of style it’s very unlikely you’ll be satisfied with a generic, “off the shelf” vanity unit. A custom vanity is not only designed to fit the space perfectly, it is also made from colours that will complement the décor of your home, and the style you choose is as flexible as your imagination.

Yes, but it’s just a Vanity!

Stop for a minute and think about what goes into the perfect vanity. What style of house would you like to match? Is your home modern, traditional, or “country”? What shape and style of vanity basin would you like….vessel, recessed, semi-recessed, flush-mount, or under-mount? Tapware….one tap, two taps, flick mixer or standard? What about tops….laminate, timber, stone…or even concrete?

Then there’s storage space and style to consider….a drawer that takes into account the space and depth you need for everything from medications to toiletries. Ladies tell us they love having a make-up drawer that is fitted out in an organised way to accommodate all the things they need for their daily routine. Do you need a combination of doors and drawers? How about the luxury of “soft-close”….once you’ve owned a custom vanity unit with soft-close doors and drawers we’re sure you’ll love this feature.

Why Choose Imperial Kitchens?

Our buying power and experience in the industry means you’ll derive the benefit. We’ll not only design a vanity unit that perfectly meets your needs, we can also source beautiful tapware and vanity basins to complete the look you’re after. While we’ll give you choices that you won’t find elsewhere, we understand that too many choices can be confusing so you’ll deal with a designer who is also an expert tradesman….not a salesman. We employ genuine people who you’ll relate to and who understand your needs. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your custom-made vanity unit….our satisfied customers are our best advocates!

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