Kitchen Renovation Costs

A Recipe for Confusion

So, you’ve poured over articles about the costs associated with renovating your kitchen. Confused? We’re not surprised.

You soon realise that the range of estimated costs in these articles is so broad that the information is of little practical benefit.

There are so many variables when it comes to accurately calculating the cost of a kitchen remodel. Therefore, working out a budget without expert guidance is fraught with danger and could lead to some very costly mistakes.

Many of our clients overestimated what their kitchen renovation or replacement would cost and were pleasantly surprised when they received our all-inclusive quote.

How Much Will My Renovation Cost?

It would be great to be able to offer a simple answer to this question. Unfortunately, the answer is influenced by so many factors that it is simply impossible to provide one answer for all scenarios. Although, there is some evidence indicating what an “average” kitchen renovation in Australia costs.

According to the annual HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms survey, a kitchen renovation should cost around $22,000 to $40,000.

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of factors that will affect how much or how little your kitchen renovation project will cost. The question of cost really can’t be answered properly until the kitchen is measured, and the materials, finishes, inclusions, and appliances are chosen.

Beware of Misinformation

If you’re at the research phase of your project, there are a plethora of overseas websites and internet forums that deal with this topic.  The information on these sites may bear little relevance to what is happening in Australia and can be very confusing as a consequence.

Regardless of where you ultimately purchase your new kitchen, we suggest you do your research locally and include a discussion with a reputable kitchen manufacturer. We’re always happy to discuss your project at no cost and without obligation.

Budget, Mid-range or High End?

Small kitchens (or kitchens where budget-priced materials and finishes are chosen) usually fall within the range of $10,000 to $15,000. At Imperial Kitchens, you can expect to receive custom-made cabinetry and an engineered-stone benchtop (eg. Caesarstone, Stylestone) from our “standard” range at this price point.

Mid-range kitchens that fall within the price range of $15,000 to $30,000 offer you considerably more scope when choosing finishes and materials. For example, you will have a larger selection of benchtops from which to choose and the finish on your cabinetry may be selected from the vinyl wrap and 2-Pac range.

High-end kitchens generally start from around the $30,000 mark and can extend to well over $50,000, depending on what you include and the size or configuration of the kitchen space in your home. At this price, your choices are only limited by how much you are willing to spend.

Flat Pack Or Custom Made?


Very few people may be capable of saving money by undertaking some or all of the work themselves, however unless you are a highly-skilled DIY’er a full kitchen renovation will prove to be a formidable challenge.There may be nothing wrong with the flat-pack or modular kitchen you choose, however you should be aware of the various pitfalls that could ultimately cost you money, or compromise the finished look of your new kitchen. At the end of the day the adage that “you get what you pay for”almost always applies.

Flat Pack Pros

  • Initial price may be cheaper (or appear cheaper).
  • You will have a wide choice of styles and finishes.
  • You will control the whole process and the outcome, i.e. the finished result.

Flat Pack Cons

  • You will need to have advanced DIY skills.
  • You will require a comprehensive tool kit.
  • You will probably require a high stress-threshold.
  • You will have to manage and co-ordinate the project from commencement to completion.
  • The time taken and the cost to complete the project can blow-out unexpectedly.

Custom Made Pros

  • Your kitchen will be custom-made to precisely fit your kitchen space.
  • You will have access to a vast range of choices for all components, materials, and finishes.
  • You will have experienced people to project-manage the renovation and relieve you of the stress of doing this yourself.
  • You will have the comfort of having an expert on board who will ensure the end result is what you’ve planned and paid for.
  • You will receive a fixed price.
  • You will be given a firm completion date.
  • The workmanship is guaranteed.

Custom Made Cons

  • Initial price may appear higher.
  • There may be no visible difference in the finished product.

The “Extras” Add Up

Apart from the cost of the cabinetry, the scope of works for tradesmen must be taken into account when undertaking a kitchen renovation. Each job is different, however a typical kitchen renovation may require input from an electrician, a plumber or gas fitter, a tiler, a plasterer, a carpenter and a painter. Imperial Kitchens can project-manage your entire kitchen renovation to save you the hassle. We have access to reliable tradespeople who will undertake any associated work that may be required. In most cases we can provide you with an accurate estimate of what the various trades will cost for your renovation project. We have negotiated “standard” prices for common tasks such as fitting range-hoods and power points for example. If you engage a cabinet maker for your renovation project, we suggest you have a clear understanding of who will perform the various trade-tasks and know how much each task is likely to cost.

Renovation Costs Variables

Kitchen renovations commonly include new benchtops, cabinets, splashbacks, accessories, and appliances. Here are some variables to consider with each of these elements.


Almost all full kitchen renovations include new benchtops made from laminate or stone. Laminate comes in a vast range of colours and is the least expensive option. Some of the contemporary laminates look quite similar to marble and are worth considering if that’s the look you’re after. Modern stones are also available in a great range of styles and colours. While stone remains more expensive than laminate, its increasing popularity has now put it within reach for many renovators. The cost of all benchtops is calculated on a square metre rate. Stone prices will vary depending on the grade of stone selected.


All kitchen “carcasses” are manufactured from MDF, but doors and drawer fronts can be made with laminate, vinyl-wrap or 2-pac. Each of these variations have different characteristics with laminate being the cheapest and 2-pac the most expensive. 2-pac is also the most time-consuming product to produce. If you’re looking for a durable, “high-end”, gloss-finish without the added expense of 2-pac, then vinyl wrap is an excellent choice and can be found in many high-end kitchens. Even kitchen experts find it very difficult to pick the difference between 2-pac and vinyl wrap.


Materials available for splashbacks include glass, tiles, mosaics, stainless steel, and stone. Tiles and mosaics are the least expensive materials, however if you’d prefer a “seam-free” surface (i.e. no grout lines) that is easy to maintain and which is available in a multitude of colours, glass is difficult to beat.


Modern kitchen renovations typically include space-saving accessories for corner cupboards, pantries, cutlery and utensil storage. These accessories don’t represent a major proportion of the cost of most kitchen renovations. However, accessories definitely improve the functionality of kitchens and should be considered at the planning stage.


If you wish to re-use your fridge and other appliances, you’ll save considerable money to spend on your kitchen renovation. Several thousands of dollars will have to be allocated for new appliances if you choose to replace them. If you prefer integrated appliances, you should be aware that both the appliances and the cabinetry will be more expensive than regular appliances. Imperial Kitchens don’t sell appliances however we have strategic alliances with major retailers and we are happy to source appliances for you at highly competitive prices.

All Inclusive Price

Imperial Kitchens will take the confusion and stress out of your project. We guarantee that all of the foreseeable costs of your kitchen renovation are taken into account. We design, manufacture and install more than 2,000 kitchens each year. You’ll benefit from our expertise and you’ll pay less due to our buying power. We will manage all aspects of your project and we will give you an all-inclusive quote, so you needn’t worry about any last-minute surprises.

The cost of remodelling or replacing your kitchen is a serious investment in your lifestyle and the value of your home. If you’d like to remove the stresses that can be associated with such an undertaking, please contact us for your FREE consultation and all-inclusive quote.

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