Cabinetmaking has come a long way in the last 20 years. Previously, your only cabinetry options were to reach out to cabinet makers in your area for them to fulfil your joinery dreams. Nowadays, provided you have the time, capability and resources, some retailers and hardware stores will be happy to sell you a flatpack or modular kitchen. Ikea, arguably one of the most notable furniture powerhouses in the 21st century, is a great example of this. However, these “all-rounder” options can result in an incredibly stressful experience due to the lack of customisation and precision.

If you’d prefer a worry-free experience, we suggest you deal with a specialist who will design and install a beautiful, custom-made kitchen that will fit perfectly in your home.

Benefits of Using Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Makers

There are countless benefits to custom joinery built by cabinet makers, but here are a few reasons to help you out:

Custom Designed With You in Mind

Cabinet makers design and build kitchen cabinets to precisely suit your home. When you buy modular or flatpack cabinets, you can’t be sure that everything will fit exactly, and operate correctly. Very few homes, old or new, are perfectly level and square. Therefore, cabinet makers manufacture custom-made kitchens to overcome these issues. Most cabinet makers, like Imperial Kitchens, will send skilled tradesmen on-site to measure your space before the cabinet construction stage to ensure that your kitchen (or cabinetry) fits accordingly.

Customisation is also a huge factor in decisions. No one wants to pay large sums of money for something they don’t love. Fortunately, cabinet makers have access to an immense range of materials and fittings. Some of the contemporary stones, laminates, drawer runners, hinges, sinks and accessories are only available from quality kitchen specialists.

At Imperial Kitchens, we offer a wide array of customisation options from industry-leading, local and international suppliers that will stand the test of time. The Imperial Kitchens Showroom features extensive selections from brands like Hettich Australia, Polytec, Laminex, Titus Tekform, and more.

Kitchen showroom Interior - Imperial kitchens
Source: Imperial Kitchens Showroom

Reliability, Warranty and Service

Choosing a Cabinet maker over an all-rounder also guarantees reliability, warranty and service. While some all-rounders showcase lengthy warranty claims, it all falls down to the fine print. At first glance, Ikea boasts a 25-year warranty on their kitchens, but as you read on, you’ll discover the warranty terms are based on defects and workmanship and have limited items covered under this banner. There are also select items, like handles, that feature no warranty at all.

Most cabinet makers offer long quality assurance and warranty periods on all of their work. As long-standing members of the Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) and Master Builders Queensland, Imperial Kitchens provides a 7-year warranty on all completed work. Plus, we have dedicated quality-assurance teams to ensure you’re happy with your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinetry based in Newport by Imperial Kitchens
Source: Newport Project

At the end of the day, there is nothing inherently wrong with choosing an all-rounder like Ikea for your kitchen. A kitchen can be a significant investment, so if you’re after a cheap solution and want something that you can purchase quickly for your home, this might be the better option. Although, if you’re after a custom-built kitchen that you can guarantee fits your space and matches your design, then choosing a cabinet maker for your cabinetry needs is the way to go.

Imperial Kitchens is a cabinetmaking company in Meadowbrook that services all across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you are after a kitchen quote, contact us now!